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cider Cider in the United Kingdom, means an fermented drink made from certain apples that have properties, like high tannins, sugars and the right pH to make an alcoholic drink that is somewhere between beer and wine. Made from apples that you wouldn't want to eat, these bitter sweet apples are similar to wine grapes, because they make a superior cider. Below is picture of my Yarlington Mill, and Kingston Black's olde tyme apple varieties used for making UK style fermented (hard)
perrypears Perry is a light and usually bubbly drink often compared to Champagne. It's made from pears that are high in tannins, sugars, which have an acid balance that makes a good fermented drink. Unfortunately, they are rather unpleasant to eat. Perry pears are grown just to make perry. The pears have colorful names like red pear, Butt, Tanton Squash, Gin, Brandy, Thorn and more.