Why buy locally grown food?

We've found that most of our customers are curious and concerned about where their food comes from...

1) Locally grown food is fresher and tastes better.

Produce purchased at the supermarket has been in transit or cold-stored for days, weeks or even months. Food purchased from local farmers is often picked within 24 hours of your purchase.  You can taste the difference!

2) Eating locally grown food is better for the environment.

Recent studies have found that buying locally grown produce improves the air quality and reduces air pollution. Buying local reduces the amount of fuels used in transporting produce from off shore producers to your local supermarket.

3) Buying local conserves precious resources. 

When you buy food grown closer to home, you’re helping reduce dependency on fossil fuels and helping put more food-buying dollars in the hands of regional farmers.

4) Thriving family farms build rural economies.

Dollars generated in local communities change hands three or four times before they leave.  Family farms help the economy and social health of a community by providing tax dollars for schools, providing jobs, and by providing safe healthy food for consumers.

5) Buying local keeps you in touch with the seasons, the earth’s resources, and the natural process of growing food.

Knowing where your food comes from and how it was grown can help you choose healthy, nutritious food for you and your family.  Talk with your farmer.

6) Family farms help children learn healthy values.

Family farms teach children values such as stewardship of the land, cooperation with one another and responsibility. 4H and FFA students begin with an animal or growing project and follow it through from birth to harvest.  These life lessons will stay with the student through their life.

7) Local food protects genetic diversity.

Locally grown products are often grown for their taste, not because they are easy to grow and harvest in large uniform lots.  These tasty varieties represent a vast and unique heritage that was been past down from generation to generation.  Wouldn’t you rather eat produce that was grown because it tastes good? 

8) Family farms grow a palette of rich colors and flavors.

Many local farmers grow crops that aren’t available at the supermarket.  Family farms often grow varieties with unique flavors, colors and shapes.  These unique products offer a culinary and dietary diversity that is healthy and delicious.

9) Supporting local family farms supports responsible land development.

When you buy local you give those with open space, farms and pastures, an economic reason to continue farming. Active healthy farm lands helps preserver open spaces, wet- lands, and agricultural corridors.  Vote to preserve farms with your food dollars.

10) Eating local protects us from bio terrorism.

Food purchased directly from the farmer, has less chance of being contaminated or tainted while it is transferred from port to port, warehouse to warehouse, and eventually trucked to supermarket.  Get to know your farmer, ask questions about their growing practices, and learn how your food is grown.